SSS – CMAX CM2 Side Scan Sonar

C-MAX is a leading supplier of professional sidescan systems. The CM2 Sidescan Sonar System is noted for its performance and its robust, user-friendly design. The CM2 is supported by a complete range of accessories, including the portable winch, to aid the surveyor’s task. The CM2 product family comprises the CM2 digital towfish, STR topside transceiver unit, MaxView acquisition software and a choice of kevlar or stainless steel armoured tow cables.

CM2 digital sidescan sonar systems are in use all over the world in a wide variety of applications.

They feature:

  • High definition images
  • Flexible system configurations
  • Ease of use
  • Robust build

Acoustic frequencies
DF type: 100/325kHz dual frequency
EDF type: 325/780kHz dual frequency
HF type: 325kHz-only
Ranges (port and starboard)
100m, 150m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 500m at 100kHz
25m, 50m, 75m, 100m, 150m at 325kHz
12.5m, 25m, 37.5m at 780kHz
Acoustic pulse rates, pings per second (at range)
780kHz: 24.7(12.5m); 13.5(25m); 18.0(37.5m)
325kHz: 13.5(25m); 13.0(50m); 9.1(75m); 7.0(100m); 4.8(150m)
100kHz: 6.9(100m); 3.6(200m); 2.4(300m); 1.83(400m); 1.46(500m)

Pulse power and length
217dB re 1 micropascal @ 1m
range-dependent length, e.g. 53microseconds @ 50m
Array length and beamwidths (2-way 3dB points)
0.37m at 325kHz & 100kHz; 0.21m at 780kHz
0.45º horizontal at 325kHz
1.0º horizontal at 100kHz
0.32º horizontal at 780kHz
full coverage -10º left through -90º to -10º right
Lateral resolution
39mm at 780kHz and 25m range at 325kHz, 78mm at 325kHz (not 25m range), 156mm at 100kHz
Beam depression (of maximum sensitivity axis)
10º or 20º, adjustable without tools

Towfish altitude, from integral echo sounder, 78mm resolution
Water temperature
Heading (option)
Depth (option)