Radio Link – Trimble HPB 450, TDL 450H Telemetry


Designed to support all aspects of GNSS surveying, the Trimble® TDL 450 series offers flexible configuration options and rugged reliability. This sophisticated radio modem places Trimble’s newest low power data link technology in your hands. For surveyors that need to make the most of every day, the Trimble TDL 450 series is a giant step forward in radio technology.

Performance features
• High Over-the-Air Link Rate:
– 19,200 bps (both GMSK and 4FSK)
– Supports 1 Hz RTK corrections for multi-constellation receivers

• Configurable Transmit Power:
– Trimble TDL 450L power settings:
0.1 W, 0.5W, 1 W, 2W, and 4W
– Trimble TDL 450H power settings:
4 user-defined power levels from 2 W to 35 W
– Configurable from the front panel up to the maximum power output setting for your region

• Available Bandwidth:
– 410 MHz to 430 MHz and 430 MHz to 470 MHz models
– Designed for high performance over the entire band
• Software-controlled Channel Bandwidth:
– Software configurable for both 12.5 kHz and 25 kHz radios

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