Processing – QPS Qloud MBES/3D Post Processing


QLoud 3D Area Base Cleaning is such an offline tool that is fully intergrated with QINSy. Handling extremely large datasets, it performs statistically-based data cleaning using parameters such as TPU and IHHO guidelines, both in the CUBE algorithm (UNH), and the Statistical Surface Spline algorithms. Qloud imports DTM points directly from QINSy QPD files (including attributes and metadata), or from any 3rd party points files, with or without attributes and metadata. The moment the data is loaded into Qloud, the survey is viewed as a single points cloud, presented in the full geographical context of ENCs, DXF and GeoTIFF imagery.

Automatic data cleaning tools using clips, Statistical Surface Spline and QUBE gridding are applied to the entire survey at once, or sequentially to selected sections. Whether the data is viewed as indivdual soundings, or as gridded data is the user’s choice, often dictated by the final product.  Validated data can be exported back to QINSy for chart production or can be exported directly to varios formats, such as ASCII XYZ and CUBE grid files.

Key Feayures

  • CUBE gridding algorithm.
  • Statisical Surface Spline cleaning algorithm.
  • Qlean++ cleaning algorithm.
  • SVP correction model.
  • Area repair algorithm.
  • Fast cleaning hug data sets with IHO guidelines and survey accuracy.
  • Creation of annotation markers / flags.
  • 3D depth figure creation / golden sounding.
  • 3D measuring and polygon selection.

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