USBL – LinkQuest Inc Tracklink 1500HA

The TrackLink systems are the world’s best selling USBL acoustic tracking systems with fully integrated high speed acoustic communication capability.  Capitalizing on its benchmark Broadband Acoustic Spread Spectrum (BASS) technologies, LinkQuest provides the end users with solutions for underwater tracking and communication at sharply reduced cost and increased robustness. An extensive line of models are available to suit the users’ specification and budget constraint. Since their introduction early 2002, the TrackLink acoustic tracking systems have quickly become the best selling USBL tracking systems in the world. The TrackLink 1500 systems, sold to more than 12 countries in less than a year, have become the world’s primary choice for tracking underwater vehicles and objects in water depth of less than 1000 meters.

Tracklink 1500HA

– Positioning Accuracy: 0.25 degree (better than 0.5% of slant range).

– Slant Range Accuracy: 0.2m

– Operating Frequency: 31.0 to 43.2kHz

– Working Range with Ship Noise: up to 1000m

– Transponder Maximum Depth:  1500m.

– Transceiver Maximum Depth: 20m.

– Operating Beam width: 120 to 150 degree.

– Targets Tracked : up to 16.

– Storage Tempertures: -25 to 75

– Operate Tempertures: -5 to 45

– RS232 Configuration: 9600 baud, 19200 baud